Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cover your resume with a letter and add value to it

A detailed resume sans cover letter is good for nothing. A resume is a raw document that lists achievements and skills possessed by the CV holder. When you apply for a vacancy, you send your resume but little do you know that the employers expect more than the CV. 

How to apply for a vacancy?

When you have a job opportunity and you know that your academic qualification and work experience match perfectly with the job, you should be very careful in your approach. You should first write a cover letter for the resume. Target the post you are applying for in the letter; mentions your strengths and how your CV matches with the post. The employer should be able to see what you want him to see.

Value of a cover letter

While most jobseekers don’t understand value of a cover letter, HR managers and consultants want the jobseekers to send their resumes with cover letters. It is also learnt that people take the cover letter lightly. They rely more on their CVs but little do they know that employers first look at cover letters.

How to write a cover letter?

Write a cover letter every time you are applying for a work opportunity. When you are looking for job listings in Halifax, you look at the requirement for the posts. You keep those requirements in mind and match your CV with the posts to find job listings in Ottawa matching with your CV. Once you have shortlisted the vacancies you are eligible for, you start sending your resume for those posts.

Online jobs have an advantage that is you can keep sending your resume as you find opportunities matching with your CV. Here you can use a cover letter for every post and it is a mistake. You need describing why you are a suitable candidate for the post you are applying for. The employers will determine suitability of your CV from the cover letter and not from the CV. You should take interest in writing cover letter instead of taking it as a necessary responsibility.

Take lessons from others

You can find many ways of writing cover letter from the web. It is an important part of resume and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Also the cover letter shouldn’t contain information provided in the resume. It should have the info that adds value to the info on the resume. For more information Job listings in Calgary.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Creative ways to take advantage of job postings

Internet has many benefits or it will be more appropriate to say that it is advantageous for all. Here we’ll discuss advantages of searching jobs on the web but we’ll keep the technical benefits away from our discussion. The focus will be on the advantages in shaping career.

1. It is always motivational to see many jobs posted on the web

When you’re looking for opportunities and discouraged by getting little response for all your efforts, the online job opportunities will boost your morale. When you see many jobs, you get motivated to do more.

2. Get to know the latest trend

Why your candidature is turned down? When you apply for a vacancy, your application is compared with others that could be in a better position. When you go through the jobs posted, you can see the requirements and then match the requirements with your educational qualifications and work experience. If you find any difference between the two, you can try improving your employability according to the requirement.

3. Which sector is booming?

As a jobseeker, you’ve a definite view of the job sector or the sector you want to work in. And that could be a narrow view of the job sector. Economy is growing and there are plenty of Job listings in Toronto. What is more surprising is that more jobs are expected in the coming days. It’s time to cheer up and wait for the right moment.

4. There is a job for every candidate

With hundreds and thousands of small, medium and large businesses making job listings in Mississauga, you should stay hopeful of getting right job that not only matches with your academic background and work experience but that opens new avenues for you. It’ll be your dream job. For more information Job listings in Calgary.

5. Jobs as news

The listings will bring good news for you. For instance, you can determine economic growth and anticipate how much appreciation you can get in a new job or in your present company. Also the new job postings will help you understand the competition and get ready to take your career at next level.

6. Be creative with your resume

When you’ve plenty of information regarding job postings, economy and the competition, you can try creating a resume that stands you out in the crowd. You can highlight everything you’ve in your resume and look more employable than others. In this way, you can take advantage of job postings. 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Secret of applying for jobs online

Return to normal after recession is slow but steady. The world economy is inching towards normalcy after facing the worst phase of recession. The job market is open with employers looking for talent. Today there are many opportunities and it is a good thing for both the jobseekers and the executives that are looking for a change. For more information Job listings in Winnipeg

Find all the vacancies on the web

Newspapers are still preferred for publishing vacancies but all these vacancies are also available on the web on job portals and there are many portals that publish work opportunities. Employers prefer posting vacancies on websites as it provides speed to the hiring process. Jobseekers find the vacancies on sites and they can also send their resumes through the job portals.

Let’s discuss the best way to apply for online vacancies and get selected

Stay tuned: It is the first and also the most important step. You need to remain alert for latest opportunities. Apply before others see the job listings in Edmonton and in this way prevent your application getting buried under a labyrinth of application. Even the delay of an hour can reduce your chances of getting selected by more than 50%.

Stay ready: Keep your resume ready for applying for new jobs. It isn’t that you can keep the CV ready but you should edit and upgrade it according to the requirements of the vacancies that you want to apply for. Be the first to find jobs in Winnipeg and also be the first to apply for the vacancies that match with your academic qualification and work experience.

Follow the vacancies: When you apply for a vacancy, you should expect response within a couple of business days. If you don’t get any response, you should go through the job requirements and see what made you unsuitable for the job. Also you can ask the HR manager of the company about your application. Feedback from the HR manager will help you prepare for other jobs.

Write a cover letter: The cover letter must contain information not available in CV. It is an opportunity to tell more about your academic qualification and work experience. Here you can discuss your hobbies; likings and disliking. Also you highlight your strength and give reasons why you are suitable for the job. Simply, put you should try taking advantage of the cover letter. But keep it short and free from unnecessary things.   

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

What are the advantages of free job listings for employers?


Why should an employer post vacancies on a job portal? There are many advantages of listing jobs on a portal but most employers post their vacancies online only to take advantage of free listings? For more information Find jobs in Surrey

Let’s explore why free listings are offered by portals

Reason 1: Free listing is a marketing strategy to bring employers to the portal

When something is offered for free, its value increases in the eyes of users. Here the free thing is job listing and the users are employers. The portals get more vacancies to post on their sites.

Reason 2: Free listing is provided to educate employers on how portals work

With free listing, the employers can learn to post their vacancies online and make an opinion on the online job portals. It is an opportunity to take help of technology without paying a single penny.

Reason 3: Free listing is provided to encourage employers to post their vacancies online

Employers have many fears and apprehensions regarding job listings in Montreal and for this reason they hesitate in posting their jobs online. Here free listings can work.

Reason 4: Free listing is a way of branding

Online job market is saturated with websites that publish jobs. When a new site comes up, it tries attracting employers by offering free job listings in Calgary. Free word attracts eyeballs and brings mind to a standstill position.

Reason 5:Free listing is a way to bring small and medium companies to portal

Online job portals have free and paid listings where free service comes with limited features and paid service has added advantages. Companies that can’t afford paid service can take advantage of free listings.

Reason 6: Free listings are for trials of service

When a new service starts, it is offered for free so that the targeted users can try the service and give their opinion. Those impressed with the service will certainly buy it.

Reason 7: Free listings could be experiment of the website

Chances are that the site that is offering free listings is simply experimenting with the service and it could roll out full service at a later date.

Reason 8: Free listing could be to make things easy

Employers might have fear and apprehensions about job portals. With free listings, they can post their jobs and then think of paid listings, if they are happy with the service. Today every job portal provides free service.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Best things you can do to find jobs online

What can you do to find your dream job? You are looking for an opportunity and you know that you are just a click away from the job you are always dreaming about but do you know how to find that vacancy. But the more important thing is to get ready for the opportunity. For more information Job listings in Surrey

Update your resume

It is the first step in increasing your employability. You are employable but let employers determine your value. They will try judging your skills and experience from your CV and if it isn’t updated then they won’t be able to make any opinion on your employability. See what your CV says and improve its visibility by arranging things in a readable manner.

Add value to the CV

How do you see your CV in comparison to others? Who your competitors are and how are they doing in job market? Take a look at others compare their CVs with yours to see the difference between their value and yours. See what skills they possess and try adding those skills to your CV. In this way, you can get an edge over others.

Look for opportunities

Find jobs in Calgary with joining leading job portals. You don’t need buying premium service when you have free service available. Add your resume to as many job sites as you can. It will help increase your employability. Second thing is to get notifications from the job sites. It is easy to find jobs in Montreal with the help of notifications. Allow the job portals to notify you whenever there is a new vacancy. You should be first to find and also to apply for a vacancy matching with your CV.

Think before applying

You simply can’t go applying for the vacancies suggested by the job portals. You have to go through the job requirements and prepare your CV and also write a compelling cover letter to increase your employability for the jobs. You should know that you have only one chance to get selected. The employers won’t give a second look at your CV, if they aren’t impressed at first time.

Monitor the jobs you’ve applied for

There is no point in applying for a job for which you have already applied. But if you want to apply for that job again then you should make a new CV. The employers should be able to find a difference in earlier and the present CV.   

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